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I love being a girl!!!

Posted in day by day by Мария Василева on 5 февруари 2010

Поздрав с това клипче. Особено и най-вече заради финала!

„I am an emotional creature. I love that I don`t take things lightly. Everything is intense to me. These feelings make me better, they make me present, they make me ready, they make me strong.

I am connected to everything and everyone. I know that one kiss can take away all my decision making ability. And you know what? Sometimes it should. Don`t tell me not to cry. I am an emotional creature. You don`t tell the Atlantic ocean to behave! I am your remaining memory.

I love that I can feel the feelings inside you even if they stop my life, even if they break my heart, even if they take me off track. I am an emotional creature.

And hear me…I love…love…love being a girl!.“

Хубав уикенд!

П.П. Искам да е пролет вече…

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